The decision to organize a workshop for others usually comes after some thought. The topic of the workshop depends on the needs and your abilities in your specific area. After my friend Nazrul call me to be advisor for this workshop. I really shock! do i have reputation of a teacher and the desire to have a class from him provide the motive for organizing a workshop. It is hard to me actually..

I realize the importance of being a professional and expert in this field. I have learned some of this knowledge during my practical period in Bangsar. Just a little! But my friend, given the very bear that responsibility and I really scared to stand. God bless you Nabiha! I think i can teach well even if not perfect kind of what is taught by my boss.

I had asked him. "can you help me encik..?" hehehe ... but, dia pulak yang mintak manual that I have prepared for the workshop tu (no manual actually, ada slide aje. Sebab tak sempat nak buat. Alasan!) hehehe ..

Very funny with this experience. Everything makes me to become a professional and expert. Insha'Allah

**Suatu catatan dikala kebosanan. Huhu =)